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*UPDATE* Donation basis is being updated to PAYMENT SCALES

Hello! We have found that we need to make some adjustments in our terms of payment options. BlueMagicRedDusk Services will no longer be donation, but payment sliding scales and trades. We will be updating the site with our payment list so you can find out in an organized way package prices and individual service prices.

Please email us or contact us through FB messaging on our page

if you are interested in one of our services while we work out our pricing!

Thank you!

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SoulTruistic: June 27-29

SoulTruistic was many things!
a fun experience connecting with very perfect mirrors
Very heart opening to see the stars
Very liberating to go topless for the weekend and not be afraid of being arrested
Insanely HOT. Hot. And it was hot. I hadn’t been very hydrated in the last week and had been indoors for along time so coming to the desert was intense. But beautiful chill nights.
Grateful to see others welcome you immediately with a hug and acceptance.
Grateful to see others ask if they could help you set up a tarp or tent.
Realizing I prefer sober-focused events and a focus in natural highs with no dependency or focus on drugs and alchohol. I’ve been sober besides drinking kombucha which has less than 1% of alcohol for several months now and it’s a different energy that I feel when I am around people who are drinking or doing drugs. For me, it’s all set and setting and intention, and I support everyone doing what they want to do to have a great time, all subjective to your preference.
I learned a lot about how I would create/participate in events, focusing on leaving no trace, having a moop(matter out of place) squad daily, to make sure nothing is blown away and left there to be picked up and not to be building up more and more moop till the last day when it may be much harder to collect.
Grateful for the challenges that arose, speaking one’s voice and being clear, letting our needs out, being as vulnerable as possible.
It’s really funny how the universe supports you completely. :) I had made a donation cardboard box and put rocks in it so it wouldn’t fly away. Someone had joked that people had been donating rocks to us as their donation. And as it turns out, by the end of the day, we had been bartered rocks and no cash. 2 Crystals. :)

Abundance is all forms, it is enrichment and many mirrors of lessons like that.

On the last day, I saw a flat bellied baby lizard come out of a hole. He let me gently pet his back for a while. I had seen these guys in terrariums at petco and realized that they really don’t belong in those tanks. They deserve, just like I would want to be free, in a place where I am made for my environment completely, with all the infinite expansiveness that I can explore.

Also, thanks for those who helped us get out of the dusty sand and towed our car out. I also learned that I prefer cars that are high above the ground so I can travel anywhere.

Dear Soultruistic,
Thank you  for allowing us to co-create once again at your event. Thank you for all those who put it together. Thank you for being a reflection towards us and us to you. We are very grateful for the land that was our home for 2 days! Blessings!

In love and the ever growing gratitude for all things,

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Ojai Recharge 6/21-22 2014

Rafaella and I are incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to provide our services at the Ojai Recharge by The Heal Center on the 21st and 22nd of June, 2014. One of the first people I met vending their goods was a guy named Zach, who sold the best and only cacao infused peanut butter I’ve ever had. On the final day, during the final time slot, I would realize that he would be doing his own workshop with his wife, Valerie, called “How to make love to your business.” Talk about full circle. Rafaella suggested that we attend and I’m very glad I went. They talked about their business techniques and gave us many good ideas and insights into running a business and making it more fun and interactive. Go support them on Kickstarter! Spread the Love Peanut Butter is the name!

We met Courtney, who had beautiful artwork and handmade dream catchers and the cutest baby in the world. There was some very unique art: mirrors that had been painted on with high gloss paint. It was really quite stunning.

Diane Steele was another vendor, who had amazing scared geometry prints on bags, mousepads, and much more. The artwork is amazingly phenomenal, and I like how she incorporated the designs into more day-to-day products.

Vickie Emanuele gave had a wonderful workshop about healing children and pets. Essentially, that we are completely connected to our families and pets (ok, pets are family too). What we feel, they feel. We got to practice psychometry on each other’s personal objects and it felt great to feel the energy of other people’s objects. We also practiced giving and receiving energy and how we felt afterward. Vickie also performed some psychometry on my glasses and and other people’s objects and she was so right on with all readings! I felt myself become much more sensitive to energy after this class, it was really powerful an experience for me and I got an itch to get into psychometry.

Logan Griffin led a beautiful workshop that really broke down walls that we have about the opposite sex and opened up a bright place in the hearts of us all. I got to look in the eyes of women and tell them that I didn’t want anything from them. It was so liberating.

At times in my life, there has been this secret urge, a  “need” to please a woman or ask them out for a coffee. As a man, what I “picked up” when I was in school and growing up was that if you talk to a woman, you obviously want something more. That, or everybody thinks you’re dating.

It was very transcendent to let go of that feeling and just see a woman, see a person, as they are. I saw the fears that surface in me when interacting with women. I noticed that I thought that the person wouldn’t like me or find me attractive, or wouldn’t want to be my partner. I think that came from once when I was in Middle School and I had a dance partner for some kind of school event. I felt like she didn’t really like me, so I felt like I was unlovable and unattractive and so that made me close off from connecting with her and others. But, this workshop opened up those old wounds and made me face those fears, instead, embracing a calm, gentle intimacy with women and men.

Jennifer Wilson had a great class on grounding yourself and learning how to relax into your own energy. I had many wonderful moments, one being when we got to let out an “OM” to the whole group, and it really helped me find my own voice and notice if I was trying too hard or was nervous about my voice. Hearing other people all together chant “OM” was incredibly powerful because you got to feel other people’s energy and recognize how powerful they are. Also, I had a break-neck moment of Déjà vu. While doing a huge inhale, I noticed Jennifer talking, and she was saying something in particular, but the position I was sitting, the words, the fact that my glasses were off (And I don’t take them off too much) triggered something in my mind, and my neck literally whip lashed backward as I thought and felt “I’ve done this before!” I had a dream of this exact setting within the last year. It was an incredibly psychedelic moment that I got to see unfold and be in.

Kelly Schwegel gave a presentation on energy and how to tap into our non-judgmental selves: focusing on the space in the middle of our heads as opposed to the spot just behind our eyes. It really solidified the idea of speaking with your higher truth, which sometimes I have a hard time accessing, but from that point on, I can always go to that space.

Doing our readings was very enjoyable and I loved meeting all the people that we came in contact with. Thank you all so much! Rafaella is so great to work with and really keeps me on my toes, as far as how I phrase my words when I do my section of the reading. It still blows my mind when she’ll be saying something and I’ll be drawing the very symbol that she’s talking about! I’m grateful for such a superb weekend and I really learned a lot about myself and about life. Thank you Kelly and all involved in putting on such a fantastic event! Thank you to anybody else who’s name I can’t remember, but I will always treasure the moments that were created at this event.

With gratitude,

Max Aston

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Collective Testimonials
“Thanks you Rafaella & Max!!!!I loved it..Beautiful on point …Trully a gift! I am full of gratitude towards both of you! Truly magical! Love Love Love~!” Marlene Osuna
Rafaella’s Testimonials
"I received an intuitive reading, a tarot reading and a soul portrait from Rafaella and I was thrilled with all three! Rafaella is definitely tuned into a higher power. Both readings were dead on in very detailed ways about who I am and what has been going on in my life. But it was the soul portrait that really touched me…..everyone who has seen it has loved it too! Rafaella puts something extra into her artwork that people don’t just see…they feel it too! Thank you Rafaella for sharing your talent with me!" - Kristie D.
“Wonderful. Thank you so much.
Beautiful. That sounds spot on  I’ve been seeing doves and crows everywhere!”- Rebecca N.
Thanks to ALL the artists for this AWESOME deal. THANK YOU!”-Talia Ellis
“Rafaella was beyond accurate when she did my reading. She pin pointed exactly what I was going through as if she were witnessing it first hand. On top of that, the perks from my donation were endless.Thank you again Rafaella, I’ll definitely do this again.” - Jayme J.
“Thank you so beautiful. Wow that is so cool!” - Jessica F.
“Thank you so beautiful.”
Mary Hall
• “Thank you so much! So insightful.
So cool!!! Thank you! And very accurate.. So cool.  Again, this is so incredibly accurate. Totally what I need to hear.“
Regarding Soul Portrait: “Rad!” - Jess N
“Thanks Rafaella. I have been doing exactly that, kind of going into hermit mode to access what I already have access to.
Wow, spot on! Even though I am a Scorpio, I have a lot of fire with Aries rising and Leo moon.
Regarding Soul Portrait: “OMG, I love it! That’s awesome!!…I love it! Thanks.” - Christy T.
“Thanks!! It’s awesome!:) I was very pleased and enlightened by this experience, and would love to continue with you guys! Awesome work.” - Gwendolyn W.
“Thanks! That’s really awesome. Thanks so much for this reading.” Natasa M.

Max’s Testimonials
"Thank you so much! You and raffie have such a unique take on readings and I feel like they’ve been helping me through some recent challenges." - Rebecca N.
"I think you got it DOWN!! That is how I imagine myself normally." - Talia E.
"I have always admired Max’s talent as an artist….his work shows great depth and emotion. But his caricreature or "Guardian" drawing for me really blew me away! I’ll admit that at first glance the creature was rather frightening, but when Max explained to me what each feature represented, it touched my heart. I felt he captured the very essence of the creature inside me! Thank you Max for sharing this unique talent!" - Kristie D.
"You guys are awesome, btw!" - Jess N.
"Awesome, awesome, awesome:)))))))!!!! Love it!,thanks!!!!!:)" - Gwen Watts
"Yes all very true! Thank you." - Mary Hall
"Awesome, awesome, awesome:)))))))!!!! Love it!,thanks!!!!!:)" - Gwen W.

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Tour Dates

"Eclectic Agenda Presents: Soultruistic" June 27-30

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Venice BoardWalk June 15th

Max and I were at Venice Boardwalk this weekend and it was filled with sychronicities and connections :) Thank you all who came out and connected with us :) <3 ∞ <3 

I was so happy to experience people staring at and telling Max that they loved his paintings that were displayed. I know he was very moved by their support and admiration.

We spent the beginning of the day just chilling and relaxing, and making friends with our local Venice boardwalk vendor neighbors.
Being a vendor at Venice allows one to participate and observe humanity. We participate and entertain in a way, offering people to see something. I see people’s eyes skimming tables as they go by. We are on display. I am also an observer, I sketch in my notebook the way people walk by, I hear their conversations, I spent some time lying on a blanket and looking at everyone’s shoes, so many feets walking by in many different expressions.

Connecting with our vendor neighbors was a blessing. I see how they support each other, from checking out each other’s art to offering them food and a shady place to rest. Our one to the left of us was so popular with the locals, he was an older man, selling his painting that were on recycled sacks and bags and an old volleyball with “Wilson” written on it. He was so engaging and friendly. I drew him a Father’s Day portrait and he displayed it. He kept inviting those that had nothing to eat or no shoes to come and sit with him in his shade. He offered so much food to eat. What a beautiful experience. I melted my fear based beliefs about the homeless and saw the pure human connection that is lit in their hearts.

There’s no reason to be afraid to talk to anyone. I noticed that the people who were sometimes hesitant to be talked to were the tourists.

When our friends came at like 3-4, we began to have people come up to our booth and ask for readings and drawings. It was so interesting and exciting. I think people feel comfortable around seeing that others are around a booth, and they don’t have to make the first move on an empty booth. Also, they see that the booth is attracting customers so it must be good. I would be in the middle of drawing my friends a Soul Portrait and people would come up and ask for a Tarot reading right there. I was grateful that my friends were okay pausing their portrait, since they would be there for a long time. I gave someone their first Tarot reading and was able to talk to a person who didn’t believe in Tarot about why it works. 1. Life is a dream so everything literally is a perfect symbol for what we’re going through. 2. LAW of Attraction, you always attract what you are, what frequency you are, so without a doubt, what you put out, is what you get back.

An interesting thing happened when a lady walked by and she said to her son, “Tarot reader..? They aren’t tarot readers.” I wonder if she was basing her opinion on our appearance, if we maybe look too young to be readers, not dressed like tarot readers, or what. Interesting how one can make judgments on a perception of a ROLE, and if someone doesn’t fulfill the outward of appearance of that, they are discredited and judged.

Some notes are: bring a bigger sign, get a canopy, and have displays. People love seeing things clearly and having a cohesive brand works and fills a space as if you’re an actual shop.

A day in the sun, having fun, being me, pretending to be a me. and now I see you as me.

<3 My heart is open. I see you. Thank you for your reflection. Aho.

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Dwimmer’s “One Night Worlds Tour”

Rafaella Nepales and I got to share a fun-filled night at Dwimmer’s “One Night World’s Tour.” Different areas with different themes, ranging from Atlantis to a magical forest, kept a nice flow to the event space. The entertainment included live face and body painting, dance performances, and artwork hanging in the style of a gallery. We had the pleasure to meet many great people and provide our Caricreature and Soul portrait services. 

What I appreciated most about this event is that the Dwimmer collective cares about the artists because they are artists themselves. You can check out Dwimmer founder Laurel Tincher’s innovative new indiegogo campaign here:

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